The World’s First Dry-Cut Dust Control Power Cutter



You know it’s a problem. You’ve tried to avoid it, ignore it, or just deal with it, but all along you know…it’s not going away.

Dust. Or slurry, take your pick.

Your job site is going to look a lot different with no dust and without the mess from wet-cutting. You and your crew won’t be spending time every day cleaning up dust or slurry, and you’ll be cutting right at the work area without the back-and-forth to the saw 100 times a day. You and your crew won’t be breathing dust, and you’ll never have to worry about dust standards and regulations.


The new PC912® is the world’s first dry-cut dust control power cutter, a 12″ gas-powered cut-off saw with a fully integrated Dust Collection System (DCS). This is a tool for construction professionals. Used properly it can dry-cut concrete and masonry products capturing up to 90% of the dust.

  • No water – 100% dry cutting
  • Cut brick, pavers, CMU, stone and tile
  • DCS captures up to 90% of the dust
  • Quick and easy dust disposal
  • All the benefits of a conventional cut-off saw


The PC912® is a money-making tool. If you’re cutting dry you have to pay someone, or spend your own time, cleaning up dust every day. And if you’re cutting wet it’s the same story – you’re paying someone to clean up all that slurry, or doing it yourself, and that costs money.

Depending on your job there’s a good chance you’re not cutting right at the work station. Every time you have to make cuts you’ve got to walk back and forth between the saw and the work area. Even if it’s a short walk, doing it 100 or more times a day, while carrying materials, adds up to wasted time and productivity. That time is not insignificant to your business.

The PC912® eliminates the cost of dust and wet-cutting. No more paying for cleanup. And with no dust or water, you can cut right at your work station. No more walking back and forth, and no more wasted time.

Contractors need to make money in their business. This tool is designed to help them do that, in most case studies paying for itself in cost savings and improved productivity in less than two months. Calculate your own ROI: download our Cutting Costs worksheet.

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iQ Power Tools was founded by brothers Joel and Paul Guth, 3rd generation masons and successful contractors for over 20 years. Like most contractors, dust and slurry was costing their business. Searching for tools that solved the dust problem they found nothing, so they began designing their own dust control power tools. Through years of iterations and innovation they became iQ Power Tools, a company built by contractors, designing and building the best dust control systems in the world.

How are you currently cutting?

I CUT DRYYou and your crew cut dry. That’s just the way you do it. You try to set up your cutting station with your back to the wind to keep the dust off you, but as soon as you have it set up the winds change and it’s blowing right back in your face. You’re tough guys so you just do what it takes to get the job done, but day after day after day that dust is going into your lungs, and it’s staying there. And every day you’ve got to clean up all that dust.

I CUT WETYou cut wet, because you have to. There is slop everywhere. Slurry is blowing off the saw, getting everywhere and staining your product. You have to clean it off fast, or buy chemicals to clean it later. Every day you’ve got to clean up all that slurry, or pay for slurry removal, and you’ve got to clean out the caked-on slurry from your saw, which is reducing the life of your tools and your fingertips. The cutting guy’s gloves and jeans are getting soaked and his boots are full of slop. And during wintertime that means long, cold, miserable days.



Those headaches are long-gone. You and your crew are going to be cutting dry, with no dust, and it’s going to change the game for your operation. The only question is who’s going to love the new power cutter more: the business owner for the money he’s saving, or the man in the trenches making the cuts.

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You may have never met someone with silicosis. But just because you don’t have silicosis doesn’t mean your lungs aren’t being harmed by silica dust. The makeup of the respirable crystalline silica mineral is such that when it enters your lungs it becomes embedded in the alveoli, the air sacs where oxygen exchange into the bloodstream takes place. As silica builds up over time it begins blocking the oxygen exchange, reducing the capacity of your lungs and increasing the strain on your lungs and heart to oxygenate the body. Silicosis or not…breathing silica dust is harmful.

Look guys, we’re contractors. We cut dry for years, and breathed dust. Trust us, we’re not happy about the silica that’s in our lungs.

That’s why we don’t breathe dust anymore; and neither do contractors or their workers who use iQ Power Tools.


We all know what direction dust standards are going, whether it’s OSHA, or local standards, or the swpps you have to follow when you’re cutting wet. Standards and regulations on cutting materials are increasing, and an infraction can cost thousands of dollars. Until now the only practical control has been cutting wet – and the problems with that are well documented here. For the first time ever, contractors now have a practical, affordable and comprehensive solution to all dust standards.

Contractors who are ahead of the curve will feel the least pain as dust standards and regulations increase. Contractors who are behind are going to find themselves trying to catch up.


You need to earn contracts for your business. And whether you’re bidding on government or private contracts, health and safety standards are increasing across the board. The safer and cleaner your operation, the more business you’re going to earn. Imagine saying this bidding on your next contract:

“We cut materials dry and dust-free using iQ Power Tools. That means your job site is going to be clean, and you won’t have dust or wet-cutting problems on your project. That also means we’re 100% compliant on dust standards.”

Not to mention you want the next-door neighbor to be your next customer, but after covering their house with dust they’re more likely to complain than hire you.

A clean cutting operation helps your business earn contracts. iQ Power Tools gives your business the competitive edge.

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  • 93cc, 6-HP, 2-Stroke Engine (EPA 3 Certified)
  • iQ Quick-Spin™ Filtration
  • Dust Containment Chamber with Easy Dust Disposal
  • Balanced, Ergonomic Design
  • 12” Premium Diamond Blade Included
  • Designed and Built in the USA

Since the first prototype the PC912® has gone through over 18 months of iterations and systematic testing, often for periods of 6-7 hours per day in 90+ degree temperatures. With proper care and maintenance, this professional tool is designed and manufactured to hold up under demanding conditions.



Q: What is the proper cutting direction and why?

A: The proper cutting position is holding the tool upright, cutting with a downward angle, drawing the saw along your line. This allows the Dust Control System (DCS) to effectively capture the dust at the point of contact between the material and the saw blade.

Q: What’s the length, and how much does it weigh with the integrated vacuum and filter system?

A: The PC912® is 42” long and 31 lbs. Feedback from our testing team and early users has told us that these dimensions have improved the tool’s balance, stability and comfort of use.

When we designed the PC912® to incorporate the DCS this added length to the overall unit. With the user in mind we balanced the weight and center of gravity (CG) into the handle position, allowing the operator to stand in an upright comfortable position. In this position the weight of the tool is directed onto the blade and the cutting surface, reducing the stress on the user.

It’s a big improvement over a shorter, conventional cut-off saw that has the operator hunched over with bent knees and back. This was a point of emphasis from our testing team, who were accustomed to having a sore back after a full day of cutting.

Q. How can you spot your line with the PC912®’s downward cutting direction?

A: We recommend you snap a 1″ off-set line, marked from the edge of your blade guard, sufficient for most general cutting. However, like any craftsman with a new tool, each will discover and refine his own techniques.

This tool was designed for smart professionals who understand the value of cutting dry with no dust. We understand that capable, intelligent operators are going to figure out their preferred methods – which we’ll encourage them to share with us.

Q. How often do you have to empty the dust containment chamber, and how often do you have to replace the filter?

A: The dust containment chamber can hold up to 5 lbs of dust, which works out to about 30 cuts of a common size brick or paver. The filter is rated for 100 cutting hours or 90 days, and the replacement cost is $89.

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If you’re still not sure, give us a call. We can answer any more questions you might have and work out any logistics. We’ll be glad to hear from you: 888.274.7744

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