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iQ Power Tools Increase Productivity at Angelus Block

Smart Power Tools Save Time and Money

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January 4, 2022 4:22:54 PM PST January 4, 2022 4:22:54 PM PSTth, January 4, 2022 4:22:54 PM PST

Angelus Block has increased their productivity by 20%-25% by switching to iQ Power Tools. And there’s no more slurry.

Founded in 1946, Angelus Block is California’s leading producer of concrete masonry units, interlocking concrete pavers, permeable pavers, decorative site wall units, and segmental planter wall units. Eight plant locations supply product for every market sector – military, retail centers, housing, education, transportation, and outlets for the homeowner/DIY market.

Each plant utilizes the iQ2000® Heavy Duty Dust Collection System for 20″ saws, with the larger facilities operating up to three systems. Slurry problems and headaches are a thing of the past at Angelus.

Swimming in Slurry

It wasn’t always this way. District Sales Manager Lindsay Barto, who’s been with Angelus for 13 years, described what the cutting operation was like before the move to iQ Power Tools.

“We do a lot of cutting, a lot of specialty cutting. Every plant has two or three full-time guys cutting all day every day. [Back then] we used conventional 20-inch saws, and all the plants were wet-cutting and producing slurry.”

Back then Angelus used a drainage system to deal with the runoff, but the slurry would often block the drainage. When this happened they would have to stop cutting, vacuum out all the sludge and clear the system. This could take up to three hours with no production, wasting valuable time and costing money.

“It was such a huge problem, the cleanup was just a nightmare,” Barto recalled.

Even when the drainage system was working properly the slurry still had to be cleaned up at the end of each day, costing even more time and money.

The Switch to iQ

The iQ2000® System

Angelus recognized that cutting wet was hurting productivity, and subsequently their bottom line. On top of that it was creating a safety hazard and a dangerous work environment. To solve the problem they turned to iQ Power Tools, making the switch while building their Indio, Ca. plant in 2009. They started with two iQ2000® systems at the new facility for a trial run.

Asked why they made the move to iQ, Barto answered, “it creates a much safer environment for our workers, that was the number one reason. Number two was controlling the matter in the work environment.”

“The first reaction was great, totally positive,” said Barto. He explained how the workers at the new plant loved the systems, but that they hadn’t been cutting wet before.

Soon after, Angelus began upgrading at all their facilities, adding iQ2000® systems until all their plants were cutting dry.

“We got rid of our old saws and do all of our cutting with iQ systems now. When we upgraded at the existing facilities, the guys who had been cutting wet for years absolutely loved the new tools. They couldn’t have been more thrilled; the difference is like night and day,” said Barto.

Life Without Slurry

Angelus no longer uses the old drainage system, there’s no more slurry cleanup and all the dust is contained. For the workers it’s made their job much easier, cleaner and safer. Now instead of cleaning slurry blockages out of the drainage system, all they have to do is service the filters and replace them periodically. Everyone breathes easy.

Barto estimated with iQ Power Tools Angelus has increased their productivity by 20-25% on any given day – and along with that has come substantial cost savings.

Asked about their overall experience with iQ Power Tools Barto explained, “it’s all been positive, can’t give one negative. We’ve had no problems with any of the tools. Plus we buy our blades and filters from iQ; the customer service, parts, units, availability – it’s all great. Going with iQ, for us it’s a no-brainer.”

Eliminating slurry and increasing productivity at the largest block producer in California: now those are smart power tools.

In addition to its heavy duty iQ2000® systems, iQ offers a full line of concrete and masonry tools, including the new PC912™Dust Control Power Cutter and the iQ360® 14″ table saw – tested to capture 99.5% of the dust from dry-cutting.

Watch the iQ2000® Heavy Duty Dust Collection System in action, right here.