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Milwaukee Mason Wins “War on Dust” Sweepstakes

Grand Prize iQ360® Dust Control Masonry Saw

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January 4, 2022 5:13:43 PM PST January 4, 2022 5:13:43 PM PSTth, January 4, 2022 5:13:43 PM PST

Matt Filter is the excited owner of a brand new iQ360® dust control masonry saw. The lucky Milwaukee, WS mason was selected as the winner of the “iQ360® War on Dust Sweepstakes,” earning him the grand prize valued at $1950.

Matt has been in the masonry industry for eight years, but he’s been around the business much longer. His father was a union bricklayer for 25 years, and used to take Matt to the job site where he would “play on the sand pile,” as he remembers it. He never got to learn the trade from his dad though, who passed away when Matt was 11. Over a decade later Matt was reintroduced to masonry, and he decided to try something his father was good at to see if he could do it.

Since then Matt has worked on all sorts of jobs, from laying brick and concrete work to high-rise masonry buildings – and he’s cut a lot of materials.

A Wet Mess

Matt told us about the problems he’s had with wet-cutting, both masonry on a table saw and CMU with a cut-off saw.

He described one annoying problem of using a pencil to mark his line for making cuts, only to have the line washed away as soon as the water hits it. “Sure, you can use a felt pen to make your marks, but your pen is shot after 15 or 20 cuts and you end up going through felt pens all day,” Matt said.

He also talked about the mess created by water spraying back from the blade, “with just a few cuts it’s no big deal, but if you’re standing there cutting a whole pallet of block you get soaked from the knees down and your boots are full of slop.” He said you can stand in a position where the water isn’t hitting you, but that gets uncomfortable quickly and if you’re cutting a lot of material it’s not manageable. On top of that your gloves tend to get soaked, and when you’re cutting during winter in Wisconsin with wet hands and legs you end up freezing cold.

“At the end of the day,” Matt added, “all that slop has to get cleaned out of the saw, and it’s caked on there like clay, you have to drain the water…it’s a pain. Wet sawing is a mess.”

Considering those problems, dry-cutting is much preferred, but that carries it’s own set of problems. Matt explained there are plenty of times when it’s only practical to cut dry, in which case “you try to get in a windy spot” to blow the dust away, but that’s not always an option. Talking about his fellow masons on the job site, “they cut dry. That’s how they do it.” With the responsibility to get the job done and the problems and hassle of cutting wet, many masons simply cut dry and deal with the dust, which, of course, exposes them to breathing silica.

The War on Dust

For most masons and contractors the problems with wet-cutting and dust are an everyday burden. They’re more than inconvenient, but real problems that cost time and money and threaten the health and safety of workers.

Matt’s story is exactly why iQ Power Tools exists: to design and build concrete and masonry power tools that eliminate dust problems and wet-cutting. Founded by 3rd-generation masons who were contractors for over 20 years, at iQ Power Tools we’re waging war on dust.

Things are different now, for Matt at least. With his new iQ360® he’ll be able to cut brick, stone, pavers and tile while capturing 99.5% of the dust. When we caught up with him he had only used his new iQ360® once to test it out, but was looking forward to putting it to work. He plans to use it on his side jobs and may even bring it out to show it off at his job site. We’re going to catch back up with Matt in few months to see how his iQ360® has been working for him.

Still Dealing With Dust and Slurry

If you’re still dealing with dust or cutting wet on your job site, you now have a choice: iQ Power Tools. Watch an iQ360® demo right here.