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Mitigate Winter Problems With iQ Power Tools

Construction and Winter

Published on
January 4, 2022 5:16:41 PM PST January 4, 2022 5:16:41 PM PSTth, January 4, 2022 5:16:41 PM PST

For most people with indoor jobs, winter is merely an inconvenience on the drive to work and back, but in the construction industry, winter is a major factor in running your business. It must be factored into project timelines, materials, operations, personnel efficiency and more, and if things go really bad winter can completely derail your operation.

When Cutting Outside or Cutting Wet

You must deal with the elements, and in more extreme weather you might not be able to cut at all, putting part or all of your operation on hold. That means delays, no work, and that costs money.

Cutting wet in cold or freezing temperatures, setting wet brick, block and pavers, and freezing your fingertips off is miserable.

Cutting indoors with the iQ360®

Stay Warm, Cut Indoors, and Save Vacation Hours for the Summer!

iQ’s concrete and masonry power tools help you beat the winter and keep your operation going strong.

With the iQ360® Dust Control Table Saw you can cut materials inside, staying warm and out of the weather. It’s patented vacuum system, filter system, and dust containment allow the iQ360® to run indoors without overexposing the operator to silica dust.

This guy is in Minnesota in the dead of winter where it’s about 5° F outside, but he’s got his iQ360® inside where he’s installing this slate floor. With a normal saw he’d be walking outside into the cold every time to make cuts, but instead he just makes his cuts right there where he’s working, saving trips outside—and time walking back and forth to the saw.

Cut Dry With No Dust

Cutting dry with no dust using the iQPC912® Dust Control Power Cutter

Sometimes you have to cut outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to cut wet. The iQPC912® Dust Control Power Cutter with integrated dust collection let’s you cut with no dust and no water keeping you dry and comfortable. This picture is in Louisville, KY when it was about 22° F outside. That’s cold, but it would have been a lot colder if his feet, legs, hands and fingertips were soaking wet.

The long and short of it: keep your operation strong all winter long, don’t let cold temperatures and decreased daylight affect productivity.


Stay warm and dry, save time and money and eliminate dust with iQ concrete and masonry power tools.

That’s smart.