“We Sold All Our Wet Saws”

Martz Masonry

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January 4, 2022 6:26:34 PM PST January 4, 2022 6:26:34 PM PSTth, January 4, 2022 6:26:34 PM PST

Crews finish their work in 2/3 of the time using the iQ360® Dust Control Table Saw, according to owner Steve Martz (estimated), while improving the finish quality of their work.

The San Marcos, Ca. masonry contractor has been in business since 1995 doing driveways, hardscapes, exteriors, facades, fireplaces, barbecues, walls and terraces. “We pride ourselves on the quality and timeliness of our work,” and iQ Power Tools have helped them establish that reputation. 

Before iQ, Martz was cutting wet: “it was such a pain,” Steve described. “You have to haul around this big, heavy bucket of water, which you have to change out 3-4 times a day, you have to clean out your saw, which gets heavier throughout the day, you’ve got to dispose of slurry in special wash-out pits…it was just a mess.”

Steve was first introduced to iQ Power Tools four years ago at a masonry convention golf tournament, cutting pavers on the tee box during his backswing. With the wet-cutting problems he was dealing with he immediately ordered his first iQ360®.

Coincidentally Martz had just landed a contract for a natural stone fireplace in the basement of a finished home, and was concerned about having to walk upstairs and outside for every cut. With his new iQ360® they were able to cut right in the basement, which allowed them to finish a three-week job in just two weeks. “Cutting indoors is one of the biggest advantages; you can cut inside a fully-furnished house, which we could never do before. That tool paid for itself in one job,” Steve said, and immediately purchased their second iQ360® with the money saved.

That was four years ago, and Martz is still using their original iQ360® on the job daily. “I have two guys on one saw all day, and these things take a lot of abuse. You change the filter once a year, do the recommended basic maintenance and they last,” Steve said. “We sold all our wet saws.”

This year Martz purchased their fifth iQ360®, and according to Steve each tool has paid for itself many times over. “After that it’s extra money in your pocket. It’s a big investment, and it feels like you can’t afford it right now. But in the end you can, because it saves money and makes money in the long run. You just have to take that step.”

Asked if his iQ tools helped him earn more contracts, Steve agreed, but was reluctant to elaborate. “Yes but it’s kind of our secret,” he said, noting that if every other contractor goes out and gets iQ tools it will be harder to get jobs.

“The tools also improve our quality. When a guy walks outside to make a cut, he comes back and finds he was off by a 1/4 inch. If it’s toward the end of the day he might just place the stone anyway, but when the saw is right there at the work station it’s a quick fix, and quality improves significantly.”

Other than saving time, increasing quality, making more money and earning more contracts, Steve told us the number one reason for buying iQ Power Tools was health and safety. “You treat your guys right and they’re going to treat you right. Some of these guys have been with me for 20 years. These tools make their job safer and easier, and when the guys are happy they’re going to work hard for you.”

Steve shared a few final thoughts about Martz Masonry’s experience with iQ Power Tools: “It’s not just a trowel and brickhammer anymore. Masonry is evolving; you have to find better, cheaper ways to get the job done right.”

We’re not making this stuff up. Martz Masonry is a real contractor, and this is their story with iQ Power Tools. Invest in your first iQ360® today and see for yourself: this tool is a game-changer.