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January 4, 2022 6:23:58 PM PST January 4, 2022 6:23:58 PM PSTth, January 4, 2022 6:23:58 PM PST

Thank you for visiting iQ Power Tools’ booth at Coverings ’17! The fact that you took the time and spent money to attend such a relevant tradeshow demonstrates that you are a professional and committed to continuing your education in the tile industry.

We can see the industry as a whole is serious about education, improvement, and embracing improved work practices and technology. Advancements in manufacturing, installation methods and products, and tools used by the professional installer were evident throughout the show. 

Unity in industry and is committed to continued education is what drives any trade forward. iQ is extremely proud to be a member of and work with the NTCA, TCNATCAA, and CTDA; tile associations that continuously work to grow and improve the tile industry and its members. Coverings is a great place for members of the different associations to come together to further their knowledge.

We were privileged to be involved with some amazing events at Coverings this year! 

Tiny Houses – The annual Coverings Installation Design Showcase, commonly referred to as “Tiny Houses”, was a fantastic exhibit where tile and stone from leading manufacturers were installed over the course of the show by master tile installers.

CTEF Certification – The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation offers a testing program to those who wish to become Certified Tile Installers. Those who attended the show had the opportunity to complete the hands-on testing using the iQTS244 dry-cut tile saw.

NTCA Innovative Tools Presentation – Many new tools have been introduced in the tile industry that allows for faster, safer, and more professional installations. iQ Power Tools is proud to be part of the Innovative Tools in the Tile Industry Program this year. This session offered a variety of live demonstrations around the room for installers to see firsthand how this technology can help them in the field.

Live Installation Demonstration – One of the more popular features at Coverings, are the Live “how-to” demos offered to attendees for an up-close look at how top contracting pros handle a variety of challenging tile installations. Attendees got to see exactly how to install a wide variety of new products and learn techniques to make tile and stone installation more successful. 

With all the booths, products, and people, tradeshows can be overwhelming. There is so much to see and so little time. To get the real value from this learning experience, you need to think back over the experience and select the top three or four products and techniques that you can personally recommend and/or implement into your projects. Products and techniques that bring not only quality but also cost savings and profits to your company.

The iQTS244 dry cut tile saw is one of those great, profit generating tools you can now add to your arsenal. The overwhelmingly positive feedback that iQ received throughout the show validated the years of research, product development, time, and passion that was put into developing this game-changing tool.

Here is some of the feedback that iQ Power Tools received:

“I only do commercial and I threw everything I could at this saw and it impressed the hell out of me honest to God. 52k of 4×8 super hard porcelain and the blade is still totally fine I still can’t believe it. To be honest I just hate dust and I hate water that’s why I and this saw get along very well.” – Phillip Kozey, Controller at Stuart Tile Company and NTCA 5 Star Contractor

“Changing the game in Tile and Stone!! This saw will be a game changer in how to protect our employees in silica protection and efficiency in the field.” – Erin Albrecht, COO at J & R Tile and NTCA 5 Star Contractor

“I can’t wait to show my customers how I can set this saw up in their kitchen and have no fear that my cutting will affect their home. Less steps to the saw, little mess to clean up, and faster installation means more money and happier contractor and customer. This system is sure to be a no brainer.” – Chris McNeely, Tile Installer

We want to thank all of you for visiting us at Coverings this year! It was wonderful to speak with you and hear your feedback. The tile industry has welcomed us with open arms and we look forward to being your partner in tile for many years to come!

Keep Learning. Keep Growing. Keep Improving.